Are you looking for best seo agency in chennai ?? then you're in right place. We are Pandssa Web Media having 5+ years experience on digital marketing and web development field. We are know for doing best seo for websites, In past few years our websites are in the 1st page of google search engine raking page (SERP).

Most of the people think that after creating a website, google automatically rank it on first page. But in the fact it is impossible to rank your website for the first 3 months you need to work on seo to rank your website on Google SERP. First you need to know what is seo? Seo Stands for search engine optimization, optimizing our website for the search engine is called seo. there are 3 types of seo techniques

on page seo

off page seo

techinical seo

you need to work on this 3 techiniques to rank your website in google serp. Read this Blog to know more about seo


Now you have the basic understanding about seo, its types and what is the possible way to rank in 2024, you're next doubt is where will do the best seo for the websites in chennai ? dont worry we are the leading seo agency in chennai. we give your website a online visibility with that online visibility you can build trust to your coustmers after it leads to sales.

Advantages of Using Pandssa Web Media

1. Rank Your Website

Why we need to rank our website? In the current generation all the people move into online visibility, so our business need to be upgrade into online visibility. once we upgrade our bussiness into online we can sell our product or service to anybody in this world.
There are few steps to rank our website, now we will see one by one

Seo Audit

The first step to rank your website is to do seo audit while doing seo audit we can analyse the what are the false in the website and what we need to improve. there are more online tool to do seo audit, the most famous tool is semrush and upersuggest
After we log into online tools we can place our website url in the domain overview after that we can analyse our webpage and find what to improve. There is another free tool to do seo audit is google tool called as Google search console, here we can analyse what are the queries we rank for with that queries we can improve our landing page content.

Competitor analysis

There is always be a competitor in any field so we need to analysis our competitor to overcome them. In seo also the same process we need to analyse our competitor to beat them. The same tool is used here just place the competitor url and analysing them, The main part in analyzing is want to check what are the keyword our competitor is ranking.
Another main important factor is to check the competitor domain authority and backlink. domain authority has the great value in seo, organic traffic increases the authority of the domain.

Keyword research

The first and foremost important factor to rank your website is keyword research. what is keyword? what people is searching for your product or service in search engine is called as keyword. so we need to find out what are the possible way will people search for your product or service.
After Finding the right keyword for our business, we need to apply in our website i.e we need to write blog or make landing page for that keyword. Then google will show your content for the exact keyword

on and off page optimization

on and off page is key factor to rank on search engine. In simple terms on page is done inside the website on the other side off page is done outside of the webpage.
the main thing in one page seo is setting up meta title, describition, heading tag, image tag, internal link, snippets etc. this are the factor you need to check in while doing on page seo.

Off page seo is nothing but link building. we need to build a quality backlink for our webpage and that increases the organic traffic for our website once the traffic is increased, authority of the domain will increased automattically. In this the main important thing this, backlink wants to come from trusted profile. unauthority and spammy backlink will leads to drop your ranking in search engine.

Ranking & monthly report

once all the process is done, your website is able to rank in google search engine. after finishing on and techinicial seo just go search console request your url to index on google. then do daily off page process check month wise report .

2. Expert Guide

To Achieve an SEO-optimized landing page requires a strategic approach that combines keyword research, content quality, technical optimization, and user experience. By implementing our expert guidelines, you can create a landing page that not only ranks well on search engines but also converts visitors into customers.
Regularly review and update your landing page to stay ahead of algorithm changes and evolving user expectations. At pandssa web media we have 5+ years of experience person in seo field.
As we have one of the leading guide, he will not help you to rank your page also he will some guide to improve your business across all search engines.There are few steps to rank our website, now we will see one by one

Our Client’s Tesitimonal is Attached Here

Nitheshwar Nithesh

Such a great experience at Pandssa Web Media. Ming was so helpful and they completed all my website changes so fast and efficiently. An absolute pleasure working with them.

Facility Management

We had an excellent experience with this company. They came in 4 weeks early on the deadline with a superior finished website. They’re really fun, and motivated team of Pandssa Web Media.

Strong Foundation

Given job to Pandssa web media my website design all this good and design very one understand about my company info nr I fully satisfied about all design work

3. SEO Service

Website Seo

On page

Off Page

Techinical Seo

Search Console Setup

Google Analytics Setup

Blog Writing

Keyword Research


Local SEO

Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Optimizing the Local Map

Optimize for Voice Search

Complete All GMB Section

Verify Multiple Locations

Local Keyword Research

Link Building

Schema Markup

International SEO

Hreflang Integration

Focusing on International Cities

Optimizing content for customers in their native languages

International Site Map

Promoting internationally

Utilizing Country Code Top-Level Domains

Implementing Hreflang Sitemaps

Optimizing keywords for multiple languages

E-commerce SEO

Improving e-commerce websites to boost product visibility in search results

Optimizing product listings

Enhancing the overall shopping experience

Increasing Page Authority

YouTube Video SEO

Quality Content

Providing Transcripts and Closed Captions

Optimizing Video Titles

Creating Eye-catching Thumbnails

Crafting well-optimized Video Descriptions

4. All Package Seo




SEO Results


If you seek an SEO advertising agency that delivers extraordinary results, Pandssa Web Media is here to cater to your requirements.
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